Supplemental topics

These will probably not be covered in the Workshop.

Jmol in journals and books

Note by Eric Martz: Although college biochemistry textbooks invested in having interactive 3D websites using Chime, since the advent of Jmol my impression is that they lost interest.

Creating a tutorial or a student report/presentation in Proteopedia

Jaime & Eric

*Proteopedia:Primer for teachers.
*Movies Showing How to Author Proteopedia Pages
*Help:Quiz: how to create quizzes in Proteopedia.
*How to Author Proteopedia Pages
*Molecular Scene Authoring Tools
*Protecting pages so that only you, the author, can edit them. This prevents your students from messing up your pages the night before your lecture.

Editing a tutorial with Molecular Workbench

Frieda can provide information/tutorial on how to download existing pages from Molecular Workbench and edit them to "tweak" the content for your specific purposes.

Creating a web page presentation with Jmol Export to Web

Angel might run a session for this. (Previous practice in the 21st Biennial Conference on Chemical Education - ACS)

Physical models and computer models: two advantageous tools

  • Toobers
  • Commercial models
  • Home-made models
  • Computer models

High School Teachers' Resources