Welcome to the wiki site for 2010WBE

This is a space for preparing the sessions at the "Workshop on Biochemistry Education: Assessment Strategies in Protein Structure", to be held in Córdoba, Spain, on 14-15 September 2010.

Registered users (right now, only by invitation) can edit and contribute content in the pages on this wiki.

Workshop's main website: http://biomodel.uah.es/2010WBE/

Map and locations

Download Molecular Workbench

Manuel Costa's presentations: (pdf handouts)

Working in small groups

These are the pages where the attendees workng in small groups can write their ideas, assessment items, etc.
In this way, they will be available for everybody to see during the sharing time.

Enter the page of your group and click on the "Edit" link near the bottom.

Group #1
Group #2
Group #3
Group #4
Group #5