Group 3

Protoporfirin IX —> Hemoglobin
Hexokinase —> Glicolyse pathway
HexR —> Transcription regulator

Learning Outcomes

List the names and abreviations of all the aminoacids.
Draw the formulas for all of the aminoacids.
Define polarity, hidrophobicity/hidrophilicity of aminoacids.
Give several examples of aa. with properties listed above.
Translate a DNA sequence into a peptide using a tabel of the genetic code (using abreviated names).
Describe the main charactherics of the peptide bond.
Draw a peptide.
Draw a reaction between two or more aminoacids.
Describe the main charactheristics of the secondary structure.
Recognize the alfa-helix or beta-sheet.
Recognize the different representations of alfa-helix or beta-sheet.
Explain the relation between the 3D structure and the function.